The Mentorship – Standard


This is not a mastermind, it is a Mentorship; the combined hybrid support system of three 6 figure successful business women who have walked the paths you are currently treading. Our combined expertise and experience lean seamlessly into every area for the vital shifts required to make your dreams a reality. Let us support you in making those necessary changes that shine a light on what you truly want and need. Fluid and flexible combining known and proven methods with bespoke support we are not just another group coaching programme but a trilogy of authentic mentorship to guide and provide the tools that will change your life.




Mentoring is a special way of supporting and creating a safe space for business owners. A mix of coaching, training, consulting and strategising we can hold you lovingly accountable to take the necessary steps to make your business dreams a reality. The concept of a one size fits all model is over and now it is time to embrace that collectively we need more all-round support when trying to accelerate our growth, our own way, without wasting time.

Together we will discover your goals, needs and blocks and gain clarity.

Together we will build plans and frameworks to suit those needs to make traction each month.

Together we will learn, consult and train in areas that are blocking your success.

Together we will find the tools needed and implement them to ensure you are working towards a tangible result.

The expectation of a mastermind is removed, you will not be expected to endorse or encourage anyone else whom you do not know or have a relationship with. You will be offered the opportunity to connect and thrive under these conditions but with only authentic and genuine relationships being nurtured and built.

Take some time for you to invest wisely and with intent towards the new business you can see for yourself through the areas of transition. Move past blocks and subconscious limiting beliefs to rewire success and become powerful in your business.

No subject within business is off the table. We tailor our support to. your needs so that you have our hybrid level energy behind you all the way.

Let us lift and empower you.


Standard mentorship allows you :- Access to the mentorship, sessions, support & retreat  – £6555

Values In Progress (VIP) Allows you – Access to the Mentorship, sessions, support, retreat, 121 sessions with Dawn, Fran and Abi , as well as Voxer contact in real time messaging with all three Mentors – £7777

Payment plans available

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