Why inviting everyone to like your Facebook Business Page is a BAD IDEA....

Let it be known that far and wide across the world right now there is a massive trend occurring in asking people to like your business page, to ask their neighbour to like it , their brother John, their friend shelly from the fruit stall , their dentist Ken and of course all of their connections online. So is this something you should be participating in maybe ? …short answer says ………………..


Us social media geeks are always on at you talking about growing your audience and making more sales from the leads generated from your socials right? 

The big players in influencing have thousands upon thousands of followers or likers and you know they are making a packet by sharing their stuff online to their people.

Whilst it is true that visibility and reach is a NUMBERS game – you really need to get picky about the audience you want to have populating those big numbers.



confused? .. I am not surprised, so let me explain for you. 

   Most businesses are looking to help or serve a certain client,  I  know, …I know ,….the term “Ideal client” is banded about so much I can feel myself cringe when I say it again and again – but here is the crack folks .. its legit the reason why some businesses are selling out and doing well and others are inviting all of their aunt Shirley’s friends onto their page on Facebook and then wondering why they are not getting any jet ski sales!!!

I am really clear on who I want to sell to , work with and bring into my audience. I don’t want just ANYBODY and I certainly don’t allow EVERYONE to just follow along …and neither should you…

Here is the MYTH : 

Having a massive number of followers or likes on my Facebook business page will help me make more sales.

Wrong – whilst having a large audience of ideal clients can be the key to success , having just a large audience for the sake of it does nothing but inflate your ego.


Gone are the days where big numbers and fake bought followers can help you to look successful and create influence.



Having more people like my page means more people will see my posts.

Nope not that either…

Facebook decides using an algorithm WHO and WHEN your posts are seen by your people. Using data points it has on each of us and attempting to read our interests it determines whether a post is likely to be successful and enjoyed by the viewer. 



So riddle me this … you are a a lovely business selling pink glitter to Pinterest mums who love to craft….  you are hosting a performance (Your posts/content) to show your potential clients just how beautiful and sparkly that glitter is.

You have a room with 100 seats ready for your people and you have spent a day focusing on what you are going to share with your audience using graphics, video & stories …its been ALOT ….of work. Holla sister!

So you decide you would LOVE  a massive turn out so you invite EVERYONE IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD. 

Your door bouncers …lets call them Facebook one and Facebook two understand that there is 100 seats. They are picky so they take a little look at the crowd and they allow a bunch of people to fill the 100 seats.

Seats are filled .. no one else is allowed in.

How likely is it that your audience looks like this…

When you know to make your sales today you needed an audience that look like this ….

Facebook will be really choosey about who sees your content and if you are (like most of us are) working super hard on your content to ensure it fits your *branding *messaging *ideal client *audience’s pain points etc etc etc then you really need to protect what you have built!

So riddle me this what if you kicked tom, dick and harry to the kerb and actually CAREFULLY cultivated a crowd that consisted of ALL ideal POTENTIAL CLIENTS… 

Would Facebook still only show some of them your stuff?! YES 

Would you have a better chance of the audience engaging with your content ? YES 

Would that rise in engagement help you to be seen even more? Yes!

Would that beautifully put together audience who love your content, speak to you and engage and appreciate what you have to offer buy from you? HELL YEAHHHH!

Would Dave , 43, recently divorced , overweight and likes pie and chips on a Friday night?….no..probably not no.

Don’t let fake trends and shady techniques have you deleting and restarting a business page – or worse effecting the leads and sales you are currently already getting.

Be inclusive but be smart.

For more tips and hints on social media please join our free group here >  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Socialmediacommunitygroup

February 11th 2020

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