Pretty Prepared Digital Asset Vault Membership


The Pretty Prepared digital asset vault Membership will help you save time and beat the creative overwhelm with a vault full of beautiful, ready to use or edit assets and Templates that will save you time and get you noticed.

Make the creative side of your business so much easier!

Elevate your brand creative and grow your business with ease!

The Pretty Prepared digital asset Vault membership gives you access to high converting editable templates, printables, guides and downloads. Both for on and in your business. Social media graphics and useful entrepreneurial assets to support your growth and goals. 

All assets are designed by the beyond the dawn team giving you the strategic edge when completing the workbooks or guide sources and a professional graphic design element to your workbooks, templates and social. 

Membership gives you exclusive access to the entire vault library which is updated with new assets every month!




Monthly Membership

Billed monthly - unlimited downloads
£ 14
  • Great Value £12.97 per month
  • Unlimited downloads
  • New assets every month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to entire vault library

Annual Membership

Billed Annually
£ 55 Annually
  • Best Value £10.58 per month
  • Unlimited downloads
  • New assets every month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Access to entire vault library

Investments are “Grandfathered” at sign up which means that as this membership grows in value you will never pay more than your sign-up investment.

*Cancellations and secondary renews are not price protected*

I am Dawn , Nice to meet you ! I am a digital business coach, Senior social media strategist and digital marketing agency owner. But more importantly I am a business owner, mum of two, wife and a saggitarian! Ha!

My passion is supporting women in business to create a circumstance that fuels life with work , not the other way round. Creating autonomy and capability to sculpt your day the way you want to and that serves you.

Sometimes that looks like coaching/consulting. Sometimes it looks like training and sometimes it looks like a digital asset vault that my #pretties can delve into any time they need to to save them time and money!

Inside the vault my agency and I have created for you a selection of digital assets that either assist you in your business or on your business depending on what you currently need! We add new items of a £100 value or more per month to this vault /portal /template shop.

Each item that is available to you via this membership is created by my experienced team with your audience building, course engaging, lead creating or sales closing in mind! 

Our aim is to give you the quick and easy tools that serve you and save you multiple large investments elsewhere whilst doing so.




No , membership gives you full access to all assets currently in the Vault and every new one that is added as long as your membership continues


Yes, the price of the membership may increase in the future to reflect the additional value that will be added each month. Lock in your price now to ensure you get the best value. Despite price increases, your cost will never increase whilst you have an active membership.


All of the assets are immediate download and go – simply click on the one you want add to cart (for you it will come up as £0.00 Free) and download your asset. For Editable templates you will download an instructional PDF to begin with to support you in using your download.


Unlike a lot of design houses we do not require you to give us credit for use of the designs you receive as part of your membership. We understand that these are a supporting measure and we do not expect you to promote us when using. If you would like to give us a mention however it is always appreciated


The terms of your membership allows you to use all assets as business assets which means you are absolutely within your rights to sell or include the workbooks, opt-ins that you have created from our templates, However, the templates are not allowed to be sold on as templates. Our designs that are “download and go” ready also cannot be sold on without and additional commercial or extended licence. If you are interested in selling them on or using them in a way that is not “end product”, and would like to discuss commercial or extended licenses please email us at hello@beyondthedawnblog.com


Yes, there is no obligation to stay and you do not need to inform anyone – the cancellation button is visible in your members area and you can cancel anytime. Please ensure that you download the assets you wanted before you cancel as you will not be able to see them in your members area after you have cancelled.