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So the time we have all been waiting for is here!! 
The Pretty Pro Member Retreat 2022 is open
Come and run away with me and my pretty pro members for four days and nights to a luxury villa in outskirts of Yorkshire (where will get together and relax, socialise, learn and co work together.)
We will 
*Explore your business model, and strategy – looking at your balance, automation, passions and systems to streamline and support your financial goals.
*Explore your social strategy, discuss your current visibility, your goals and how to bridge the gap
*Socialise and unwind with likeminded pretties and find some balance to connect and be understood.
*Relaxation and support.
*Hot seating and group solutions of blocks or gaps in your plans.
*Party, disco night – it’s been too long since we had a dance!
Amazing retreat add ons:
1 x secret bonus gift from Dawn – Don’t ask , I won’t ever tell.
1 x Vision boarding session – let’s get creative and unlock those goals, create a vision for your life and business together where we can explore.
1 x Wellbeing walk and casual content photography session. Take stock of nature and. create visual representations to take home and use in your business messaging.

1 x Spa experience – relax and unwind in a beautiful spa surrounding, chatting with likeminded business friends.

1 x Branding shoot session in the luxury villa surroundings with Emma holt – Have a brand new set of branding images in the stunning surroundings of the Luxury Villa (5 images and editing included – super reduced pricing to buy more if you want more)£700+


Self serve Breakfasts, Lunch and 3-Course meal with professional private chef each night from local favourite restaurant and Chef Ben Franco from

 “The Barn”

Prosecco is on me! 

Vital INFO:

Dates : Monday September 19th 4pm – Friday 23th 10am 2022

Accommodation spans over two properties with multiple bed rooms and bathrooms throughout the villa. Covid cancelation will be accounted for – In the event of a lockdown we will move the dates and venue to a time when we can all be together , however dates have been specially selected for the period in which we are least likely to be in full lockdown. 

Refund policy : Refunds are not accepted unless in mitigating circumstances where we will attempt to help you fill your space. When spaces fill there will be a waitlist created in case of unforeseen circumstances.

For me I have gained a whole new circle of supportive friends, It's amazing how we are all different but we all came together and offered support for each other. I have loved that! I can't usually sit still. This week I have relaxed and been able to focus on my business. I have discovered things I want to do for myself. I've got that focus now from the information and support I have received here. Before I came I was a million miles an hour, now I have come away with so much to help both my businesses from this experience.

Paula Goulden

Cakes By P, Building a Brilliant Business

It's hard to put it into words but the connections and friendships have been amazing. To be able to be present in my business like this in a physical way has been amazing. When you are sitting in a farm house in the middle of rural France on your own with your business you can get lost in all the stuff. You can get lost in the "where are you going with it". This week has been really a clarifying process for me. Thank you all for your inspiration you all helped me do that.

Helen Ferguson

Trauma Therapist for The High Performing Woman

This has been incredible for me, to have this time just to think about this area of my business and unlock some creativity about it. I hate photo's of me, I don't see the real me but I have never felt so comfortable. I know that Emma sees me in a way other photographers see me. Louise's session gave me reinforcements for what I was doing for good and a wake up call for things I could do better. I really appreciate Louise's direct nature, honesty and humour. The whole package. Dawn, what you have created here is incredible. I didn't know what I was coming in to , this was just what I needed and the way you have held the space for us is fabulous. As an introvert who often needs to escape, I haven't felt the need to escape. There is something really special about this group. Thank you.

Joanna Rawbone

Coach | Trainer | TEDx | Author | Advocate of Flourishing Introverts.

It's been amazing. I don't have business support in real life, you all know exactly what it's like. For the businesses, its helped me figure out what I need to be doing. It's helped me with my mindset for that and I have a clearer idea now of how that needs to be. I have a completely different outlook for my businesses. It's been just phenomenal. I have tapped into my creativity and I am excited for what's coming.

Nic Davies

CEO A&N Davies Fabrications LTD , Home Organisation Mentor Platespinning academy

I've had the most amazing week. I really feel like we have all connected in an amazing way both personally and as business supporters. I said this would be the week where I get my head back into the business and just talking with people who understand has been amazing. It's given me the chance to shine It's been amazing and I feel like you are all going to hold me accountable as well!

Becky Graham

Becki Graham Sugarcraft Artistry

This week for me has been bloody fricken amazeballs. I was feeling like how am I here with all these legends. I was like OH MA GAWD. You guys are up there to me. These women are amazing, so good in business and so knowledgable and confident. It's been a little overwhelming in the best sense, It's taken a bit for me to get over that but now I feel really good. Emzy bob is in the room! For me its's been fantastic, el dawnio I cannot thank you enough for this amazing opportunity.

Emma Holt

The Brand Photography Expert

Firstly a big thankyou to Dawni. Not all experiences in business are positive but what I love about Dawni is that she doesn't say "I'm here to lift other women up" and then behind the scenes is not. She truly embodies for me the spirit of female entrepreneurship and that's huge for me. I haven't had that female in person connection, I haven't been held by women who believe in you. I would have suffered fewer knocks if I had been around women of your calibre. The calibre of you all as human beings, which is really all I care about, I am so grateful that dawni attracts this level of humanity. It's so important to me to be with women who are striving in a healthy way to make a difference in a profound and true sense. I am so grateful to each and every one of you.

Louise Westra

Naturopath, Best-selling Author of "You FIRST"