I felt that I was understood and looked after, that Dawni and her team got me, my voice, my thinking, my attitude - it all. I've never worked with anyone who could take all the noise in my head and get me to a T to create some magic. The end result was an absolute sense of direction and freedom. Between sessions Dawni was there to hear and support me, to be with me during my wobbles then create something truly reflective of me, my business, my values and of course my swearing and sense of humour.
Tracy Gilmour
Badass warrior mum

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Ligia Costa is an artist and a Mindfulness and Journaling therapy Coach. Ligia creates motivational blueprinting tools to help women become productive and inspired on a daily basis and through her trainings and courses Ligia coaches and inspires women who seek guidance and help to find the root cause of their emotions and conquer their power.



I came across Dawn and her team through another coach and Dawn was the genius behind my freebie design! I was gobsmacked with how Dawn captured my identity and the identity of my brand and used the info and images I sent in such a beautifully designed way, creating a complete and attractive workbook freebie so that I can use in my marketing funnel.

I can’t thank Dawn enough as I would never had managed to do something so beautiful and professional looking.

If you are looking into having your marketing freebie designed, Dawn is the person to go to!