How you can support comments - Facebooks comment ranking feature.

The day has finally come that the changes on facebook group comments is starting to come into play. If you have ever used other forums before where social chat is encouraged you may have seen a double arrow symbol that allows you to rank the helpfulness of the comment or in fact debunk it to the bottom of the pile if it is deemed nonsense or not helpful (such as troll comments)

This nifty tool is helpful for everyone (but trolls and fake news spreaders) and is being accepted with absolute joy by decent community managers across the lands. If you have ever utilised the tools of a Facebook group to support a charity, community, hobby or business then this is a very positive tool for you!

Facebooks comment ranking feature 2021

Comment ranking on Facebook allows you to express your opinion in a completely different way and help the community and the author of the post alike!

Here’s what ranking a comment looks like:

Facebook groups comment ranking factor feature update for 2021
Once you have clicked on the double arrow it will ask you whether you want to raise the comment or devalue it.

This is a measurement in value – was this comment friendly, helpful, connecting, kind? Or was it in fact not useful or worse even obstructive or nasty.
Facebooks group comment ranking factor example
You can offer more insights as to why you found the comment to be of value and this is really important for Facebook to learn what made you react in the way you did!
The main question on all hosts and community managers lips right now is “will it work?” and in truth it is going to work as well as any of the features on social media. It is user specific which means that of course there will be some users who accept, adopt and use the function correctly but then there will be others who abuse it. It will be a battle of wills in terms of opinion over “what is valuable” but it does allow for popular and more useful comments to have the potential to be raised to a higher visibility. 
For those of us who are commenting and supporting as a visibility metric and audience building practise it does give us the opportunity to be “rewarded” for our valuable support which is often given and lost in the ether. The polar opposite to the author  “pinning” their favourite comment to the top over on Instagram, this is very much community based and does not rely on the author alone to pick a favourite – thus giving a truer indication (when used correctly) as to what has been organically well accepted by the community. 

Love this new feature?

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