For driven women that want to stand out from the crowd

The world can be a famine or a feast when it comes to online business. You can be joining courses and learning and posting on social media and learning about branding and feeling like the next thing will be the thing that gets you a barage of new clients, money and your dreams on a silver platter. If you are online and using all the platforms  to find and nurture clients then it can be scary, overwhelming and look like a thankless task that isn’t effective. 

You want to  make a decent income doing what you love , but you  realise you don’t know what you are doing or how and why to execute it to the best possible standard.  Are you sick of trying to make something from nothing, having to invest in block courses to teach you about one area of business and not the bigger all round picture?

Are you sick of waiting for the growth in your business to happen and realise its time to take some action to make them happen for you sooner. Are you overwhelmed about business and how to make it a success? Feeling like you are an imposter in this world and that you may not be good enough to succeed?




You are invited into an elite group of female entrepreneurs serious about standing out, making money and nurturing authentic meaningful relationships with our customers for longstanding successful business.


You don't have time to learn all the things and spend years building your business.

You need to get beyond the dawn of being an entrepreneur NOW

How will it feel to be Successful? Confident? Earning more money? Aligned? Supported? Relaxed? In control Enjoying your business?

I have been where you are now – had the great idea, the drive to get it off the ground. Learning what I can from peers, learning the why but not the what or the answer to my questions with none of the finer details to apply it to my business.

I even found myself once I was on-boarding clients regularly totally burned out not able to grow my business or step away – not even for a day!

I struggled through every lesson for my first business ,after years of the corporate scene, from my bedroom. With a tiny newborn baby in tow.

I had a digital marketing qualification and there was still so much more to learn about being in business. This is the stuff NO ONE is willing to share with you , like being successful is just always one step away.

I realised that investing in myself and putting myself amongst the people who were working to similar goals would be worth a try so I joined networking groups. I spent a fair amount of money with them too – until I realised that I do not need to network with the general business public. Yeah I said it. I need serious business women who work with in integrity, have a passionate vision, thought leaders, life changers and people who have a deeper connection to the their calling, their clients and their goals.

The professional members club was born out of me wanting to create a space for myself and my business I had not found anywhere else. 

Now I don’t wait to find answers for me and my pretties! I go out and I find them, in real time, when we need them and we take action together. We lean on each other, lift each other and share resources to get ourselves the businesses of our dreams. Ideal clients only and taking on more abundance than ever before. The wins in the professional members club are plenty and often and when one of us wins – we all do. 

I teach everything I learn in here, so don’t make your own mistakes pretty – learn from mine! It is my elite inner circle of trusted sisters and there are no holds barred on what we cover to get on.

Need to get your hands on the answers now and get moving? Well there is a sisterhood sat here waiting to welcome you and get you lifted to where you deserve.

Oh and me? Now I regularly am able to step away from my business (even though I love it so I find it hard). I could boast about being part of 300k launches and having 20k months (which are fabulous btw) but more than those exceptional moments, when I have a problem or a bad day , or something I don’t understand I have a group of THE MOST inspiring women behind me, supporting me the entire time.

I know what it is like to be where you are now – enough knowledge to get going but still hitting road blocks and feeling like business is a constant mountain climb – we can make it easy to get to the top of that uphill climb. 

Once you’re stood beside us the only question we have for you is …where next?

What is the professional members club?

This membership is perfect for businesses wanting to scale and make sales without the cost of a social media strategist or expensive business consultations.

Covering all elements of social media, theory , tech , multiple platforms, graphics, content, sales and customer service this is a one stop hub for any driven business woman.

Join our amazing group of focused successful business women who are lifting each other up and making more money.

Training covering

  • Ideal client,
  • planning and strategy,
  • Facebook ads
  • sheduling content
  • Facebook creator suite,
  • to boost or not,
  • increase your visibility,
  • customer service for digital,
  • how to overcome comparisonitis, 
  • Social media , theory , practice and troubleshooting
  • Business during Covid- 19
  • effective ways to grow your groups and more….

and if it’s not for you once you’ve tried it ?…….NO CONTRACT – Cancel anytime !

So how much is it?

The investment is less than a costa No contract  Cancel anytime


Pro Member availability

24/7 access to members suite that includes all trainings and downloadable content

Exclusive Facebook Group

Be welcomed into the *Ladies only pro members facebook group where you will find a sisterhood of business women growing their online income

Content support

Enjoy prompts that can help you manage your day to day digital marketing and save you time.

Universal energy and awareness

Whether you are susceptible to mercury in retrograde, use manifestation for your abundant lifestyle or like to make goals in alignment with the new moon we are guided by our astrology coach in universal energies and how they can be used to benefit our being and businesses.


Regular mindset support for removing blocks, personal growth and living a happier you - supported by our Mindset and wellbeing associate coach Janet Haddon

Downloadable Files

Access to the pro members allows you access to digital assets that are easily downloadable and usable .Graphic, planners and templates to help you get your business on track.

regular updates

wether facebook has a bug or theres something new we offer updates in the group that will benefit your business pages and help run them smoothly

Regular Trainings and challenges

Stay ahead of the competition and keep on top of all the features and tools you need to serve your customers better and make more money!

What do my #pretties say?

Well , who the bloody hell am I anyway!

I’m Dawn, my pals call me dawni and I am fine with that – I love terms of endearment, I am mainly pink and fuzzy , a bit empathy and energy sensitive, totally bonkers and completely British & Northern.

I find labels a bit weird if I’m honest because these are things I have done or I do …not really who I am , but here goes – I have a heafty amount of corporate sales and retail experience spanning over 15 years ( I know, i know… I don’t look old enough – you’re too kind!) more notably of which was in a large well loved head office where I experienced a lot of amazing skills and training from everything from merchandising, supply, marketing , internal branding , product listing….I could go on, but I won’t .

After years of the corporate rat race , which isn’t really a race at all I had had enough of long hours, pretty poor pay and losing hours away from my then child (there was only one then). I decided to get myself trained up in two areas I had worked in and loved to see if I could maybe have a little side hustle. That side hustle turned into a bona fide business within the first 6 months, which lead into other opportunities – which lead into me building my social media agency that now covers accounts for SME’s across the globe.

I found myself happy , fulfilled but still taking massive chunks of time away from family to get work done. Hence how beyond the dawn social coaching was born and I am getting better at putting work down and spending more quality time with my little miracles.

Because of where I started and what I wanted to be available for me ,when my business journey began, that wasn’t, i  created a quality  sisterhood i could trust. 

It is a community of elite business women who know they have something special, could be more with the right support and have the life they dream about.  It already contains a ridiculously supportive network of women at each stage of her journey in many sectors and industries. 

now , what else do you need to know?…

hmm well I am qualified in digital marketing and graphic design, both of which I re train in regularly as they change so fast I have to keep on my game , I adore film, anything that lets me be creative and I love by the sea … If you ever see me without eyelashes call the feds , this is a defcon 5 level SOS that must be taken seriously …

I have three cats , (two of which are just named cat in different languages) and I am a nervous flyer – my husband is always in charge of the kids when we travel because I am often …a little tipsy. You may not have needed all that detail but there you go – in case you don’t believe I’m a good’un – cause the online world is very difficult to be sure , then check out what my pretties have to say about me. I haven’t paid them…