The Pro Member Interviews : Cassie Mather-Reid Life Coach Balance Expert entrepreneur Yogi Spiritual Thought Leader Pro member 

What is the point in having the best group of female entrepreneurs in your membership if you cannot tap into their magnificent brains for all the high achieving , super genius, beautiful and wonderful thoughts that hang around in their head… well there would be no point, obvs – hence why I asked them to take some time out to talk to me about their life, their passion and of course their businesses… 

Lets Dive in ...

How would you describe your profession?

Life Balance Coach.I support women to make change in their life to move through fear and overwhelm and be who they truly visualise themselves as

What Drives you?

Helping and Supporting women is such a reward

If you won £10k and could only spend it within your business what would you use it for?

Further training for me to then pass onto my clients and specifically something on business and money mindset

When did you realise you wanted to do this for a living?

I think I’ve always done it in some capacity and not been aware. I finally had my aha moment about 18 months ago.

Tell me a funny story about your business?

My business is an extension of me yet I don’t know how to market to people like me. The irony !

Who do you work with?

I work with women (women identifying) who are feeling like there is something more. The are achievers who have already done so much yet they’re just not lit up. They conform to all the labels that are attached to them by others yet they don’t really know who they are anymore, I help them find the best version of themselves.

Have you had any difficult situations you have learned from?

I’ve had a couple but thankfully nothing too bad. Clients just not turning up with no communication and also working with different cultures has helped me grow as much as them.

Have you had any wins that have made you feel happy?

My clients wins light me up, to see the progress they make is amazing. For personal wins, balancing my own life makes me feels like I’ve won and getting to do this work.

Where is this journey taking you?

It’s taking me to help so many women on so many different levels. There will be 1:1 and group coaching, sacred circles and retreats, public speaking and more.

If you could give a new business owner one piece of advice what would that be?

Don’t assume because you’ve leant the skill that you are ready for business, that’s a whole other learning curve and one that is often overlooked

Looking back at when you started this journey – could you have imagined yourself here?

I had hoped it would happen and in some ways I’m still waiting for the visualisations to happen but I know that will and I’m grateful

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