The Pro Member Interviews : Zoe Hannan Mother Model Multi entrepreneur Nutritionist Health expert Lighterlife franchise owner Youtuber Pro member 

What is the point in having the best group of female entrepreneurs in your membership if you cannot tap into their magnificent brains for all the high achieving , super genius, beautiful and wonderful thoughts that hang around in their head… well there would be no point, obvs – hence why I asked them to take some time out to talk to me about their life, their passion and of course their businesses… 

Lets Dive in ...

How would you describe your profession?

Zoe: Weightloss mentor and vlogger. I provide guidance and support with your weightloss journey on Lighterlife. I follow the plan myself and vlog about it to help inspire others

What Drives you?

Zoe: To have a purpose other than ‘mum’ and to top up my pension.

If you won £10k and could only spend it within your business what would you use it for?

Zoe : Better camera. Content specialist. marketing.

When did you realise you wanted to do this for a living?

Zoe: When I knew the plan worked and it did. I lost 6 stone on it and want others to experience that amazing feeling you get when you feel good about yourself.

Tell me a funny story about your business?

I did some life modelling and used the experience to market my business by contacting the press. I didn’t expect them to take the story but one day I received an email saying ‘thanks for your story, it’s gone love in today’s Daily Mail. I very quickly had to warn my dad that he might see a nude photo of his daughter in the paper. He had no idea I had done it.

Who do you work with?

Amazing ladies and gents who are often not reaching their potential in life due to their size. They will be unhappy with their weight and struggle to lose it. Tried everything diet going with limited success. Overweight / Obese

Wants Quick weight loss

Result driven




Have you had any difficult situations you have learned from?

Trolls. People will always have an opinion which of course they are entitled too. Learning to educate or ignore rather than defend/engage can be key. Don’t let 1 negative comment weigh heavier than 100 positive ones. Reminding myself that I do this business because I KNOW it works. I’m working talking proof. It’s a lifestyle/passion job not a 9-5

Have you had any wins that have made you feel happy?

Local and National Press. Realising that I can take myself and my business to the next level (you tube).

Where is this journey taking you?

Family happiness and brand ambassador.

If you could give a new business owner one piece of advice what would that be?

1. Be you but on a really brave day.

Looking back at when you started this journey – could you have imagined yourself here?

No I never expected a part time working from home opportunity to be my main income. This is now my main job and I don’t feel like I go to work. I work when I want, for as long as I want; from home, allowing me to also be full time mum to a toddler. I’ve even managed to publish a few books in my spare time. Basically this job has given me the opportunity to live life and tick off a few dream boxes.

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