In addition to documenting my mind all over the internet I want to tell you about some of the things I am LOVING at the moment. I read an article and bought an old friend a book once about “Micro-pleasures”. It sounds erotic but it’s not – basically it is the ability to find joy in the smallest of day to day things. It is the exact opposite of how many of our brains function, because we are a race are awesome at allowing micro fears or micro angers creep in ….but not so much the joy!

So here is a list of things big or small …you choose , of things that are bringing me moments of calm and joy at the moment.

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  •  NETFLIX 🙂 …. so I am a brand new netflix user and after years of being blindly loyal and robbed by SKY, I have now made the leap to the world of amazing specials , documentaries , comedy’s and of course….the full scale series’s. The husband and I just watched YOU and oh my , I do not have words..creepy and compelling and a little horror movie type frustrating at times but still so so good. I can also recommend for the ladies anything Amy Schumer. The leather special is really gross, and hilarious!
  • Cosmopolitans – this one is featured in the NO3 on whitegate drive Blackpool. I have been there twice now, once with friends and once on a romantic evening with my husband and both times I have enjoyed (probably too much) the cocktail selection and my old favourite Cosmo. If you’re thinking of checking out the number three then get there early on weekends because the seats get taken up really quickly and although its packing a lot of punch in the way of styling the layout is awkward if you are not seated or on the first row of the bar fringe.Image result for phil collins
  • Phil Collins , It’s been a while since I dusted off a vintage album and really enjoyed the nostalgia and relevance of music that literaly does not age. I feel like “in the air tonight” could be released for the first time in 2019 and still have an amazing reception awaiting it. It probably would be remixed as something fabulous as well!
  • slogan tshirts , this one may be because I am biased due to our e-commerce side of the business www.prettyhomeprints,co,uk but this is a “what came first the chicken or the egg?” kind of situation. Did php make me fall in love with expressing myself via slogan statement clothing or did the SSC make me open a design shop that would allow me to feed my never ending addiction. Either way its a match made in apparel heaven!Related image
  • Streetlife charity for homeless people. I am sat here uploading this to the website and the wind and rain are absolutely howling down on my window and I cannot imagine what it must feel like to try and bed down for the night without the warmth and protection of a home. I forget just how privilaged I am sometimes to have warm clothes, food and a bed and a roof over my head. Some amazing brave people are doing a sleepout to raise money for this fabulous charity so if you can spare a couple of quid PLEASE pop it in the button below.

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