First of all – Don’t panic!!

Now you have booked in via the app you will have received the email with the link to this page in and another one that has the template for your lead magnet opt in. 

If you cannot find that email PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM!! It will most probably have found its way into your junk folder. If your email is GMail account check in promo, spam or junk for sure!

If that fails then as a plan B – Directly underneath this blurb is a word doc template

In an emergency- Download it – copy it into the body of an email and Fill it with your genius content & email it back to my team at Designmyfreebie@beyondthedawnblog.com.

There are loads of resources on this page below so do give yourself some time to read and check them out!!

if you need additional help. Everything on this page has been put together to help you write your opt in freebie. Feel free to save the link, book mark me or do whatever you need to do to be able to refer back.

This is a really extensive course that is intentional in fast tracking you – it may feel a little uncomfortable at times but I promise taking the action now will set you up later! Don’t delay 🙂 


Download , copy into the body of an email & Fill in this template and send back to us at designmyfreebie@beyondthedawnblog.com

Remember – word count should only be 1500 words or less!!


About The Freebie

Secrets for a desirable and valuable freebie :

*Know your ideal client and write to them, personally.

*Have a great Title that hooks them in.

*Make it easy to read in small paragraphs, bullet points or with the use of imagery. Remember to consider your layout choice when writing for this.

*Add quality value but hold something back – leave them wanting more.

*Don’t oversell in your bio – this is about who you are and what you offer don’t pitch.

*Keep below ten pages. Like a mini magazine or full feature article. 1500 words or less, we suggest using 200 words each for your bio and intro and the remaining 1100 for the content.

*Add your Facebook group/Social links in so they can come find you.

*Use clear language – Jargon can be tricky to understand and may need explaining. Unless you chose *Cheatsheet style , which is what this one is all about.

*Include a picture in your bio. People want to know about you.


*Proof read your document before sending to us. Grammarly is a great tool for this!

*Remember done is better than perfect – you get an editable copy back so you can make further edits!!


Group extra Top Tips

Change your Facebook Group Name and URL Link to Match!

from this :




inside your group go to the three dots …more  and choose > Edit group settings 

CHANGE THE LINK NAME OF YOUR GROUP IN THE URL TEXT BOX (EXAMPLE BELOW) You want both to match!It also helps with searching 

You can only change your group name once every 28 days.

You cannot change your URL link name once you hit 5000 members

Url names are more permanent so you can go for something more generic that will serve you longer if you wish. Think about consistency for your name but also great search words!.

Make your Facebook group URL neat and searchable

Frequently asked Questions